About Gaidmore Furniture

Jason Gaidmore began his woodworking apprenticeship in a bay area custom cabinet shop at the young age of 15. In his early 20's Jason decided to expand his horizons by traveling abroad. While over seas he used his experience as a woodworker to finance his travels. In Sweden he hand made custom outdoor furniture and while in Ireland he worked in a custom cabinet shop. Upon his return to the bay area Jason worked in a small high-end furniture shop in Marin County.

Finally, about 8 years ago, Jason decided to open his own shop. Gaidmore Furniture now has two employees and Jason recently purchased the cabinet shop where his career began some twenty years ago. This most recent acquisition has allowed Gaidmore Furniture to produce more while maintaining the same quality standards we have become known for. Gaidmore Furniture now produces fine custom furniture and cabinetry for all genres of design. From ultra modern to traditional Victorian, Gaidmore Furniture is conveniently located in the heart of Marin County to better serve the greater bay area.

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